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Industry-Standard Materials

Brickworx has expertise with a variety of masonry materials including:

  • Brickworx has expertise with a variety of masonry materials including:
  • Standard concrete (masonry) blocks
  • Summit or Split stone (masonry) blocks
  • Clay and concrete bricks
  • Hinuera Stone
  • Stutex Stone
  • Ytong Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) blocks
  • Hebel AAC blocks

These materials provide you with an almost unlimited array of colours, textures, sizes and environmental qualities. With this choice of materials you can choose the exact benefits you desire including:

  • Structural stability
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Heat retention
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Fire protection

Depending on your requirements, Brickworx can provide you with the combination of materials that will maximise the value of your investment. Brickworx can source all the materials - blocks, bricks, mortar, grout, colouring, reinforcing steel, etc. - directly from the suppliers or use the materials you provide, the option is yours.

Selecting the Best Materials

With the variety of materials available, it is sometimes difficult for homeowners to decide which material is best for their particular project. There are a number of factors involved such as:

  • Structural considerations
  • Stability
  • Matching existing materials
  • Price

There are online resources online (below) that describe the various materials. Or you can call Branden and he will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and which of the materials available will best achieve your goals.

Concrete Blocks

Firth:    http://www.firth.co.nz/ProductItem.aspx?pcid=11&pitemid=16

Vi-Block    (Preferred Supplier) http://www.viblock.co.nz

Concrete Bricks

Firth Bricks:    http://www.firth.co.nz/ProductItempcid=10.html

Clay Bricks

Monier Bricks:    http://www.monier.co.nz
South Tile (Invercargill):    http://www.southtile.co.nz
Austral Bricks:    http://www.australbricks.co.nz
Midland Bricks:   http://www.midlandbrick.co.nz

Stutex Stone:    http://www.stutexstone.co.nz
Hinuera Stone:  http://www.hinuerastone.co.nz/
Ytong Blocks:    http://www.ytong.co.nz
Hebel Blocks:    http://cfg.co.nz

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Brickworx can provide you with the exact combination of materials to maximise your investment

We work with Pride, not just a Guarantee