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Quotation /Job Specification

As a conscientious operator, Brickworx can take the time to complete each job to the exact specifications of the general contractor or owner. Before providing a quote, Branden will take the time to visit the site, get a feel for any particular locational issues that might impact the successful completion of the job and discuss timing and scheduling so that all work can be completed in a realistic timeframe. Brickworx has the flexibility to work in conjunction with other sub-contractors on the job and has a reputation for neatness, friendliness and professionalism.

Brickworx likes to 'think ahead'. By this we mean that we will look at all aspects of the job: the environment, the materials, other contractors and the timeframe. We'll inspect the site with an eye for areas that could cause difficulties, such as slopes, drainage and soils. We'll also review the project as a whole in relation to the masonry component.

We do this to ensure that our particular part of the project is not impacted adversely by easily avoidable events. With 24 years of trade knowledge, we have the ability and experience to look beyond the obvious and uncover any areas that should be addressed. Nobody plans to fail, but a failure to plan can lead to problems.

On-Site Coordination

Brickworx has the experience and temperament to work smoothly in concert with other contractors. This includes pre-job inspections to ensure that their work is appropriate in respect to providing a foundation for Brickworx's contribution to the project. Similarly, once the job begins, Brickworx will coordinate their activities with other contractors so that there is no conflict with timing, site logistics, equipment and materials placement and storage and even onsite parking.

‘Best Practice’ Procedures

Brickworx is 100% committed to industry 'best practices' and ensures that all work is completely compliant with all local, regional and industry rules and regulations. Brickworx has an excellent working relationship with the building inspectors employed by the Queenstown-Lakes District Council and they are already familiar with the consistently high quality of Brickworx blocklaying and bricklaying techniques.

Brickworx is in the process of obtaining both a bricklaying & blocklaying license as called for in the upcoming revision of the Building Act 2004 (mandatory from November 2009). Licenses will be issued starting in November 2007.

For a speech by the Hon Clayton Cosgrove to the Registered Master Builders Federation 2006 annual conference in Queenstown that outlines the purpose and procedures for the revision, click here:

For a discussion of the revision, click here:


Brickworx will honour the manufacturer's guarantees on all materials.

Brickworx can provide you with the exact combination of materials to maximise your investment

We work with Pride, not just a Guarantee